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USA Girl Scouts - Kuwait

Kuwait Girl Guides Association
Patches, Pins and Insignia

Kuwait Girl Guides Association Patches:

This patch is to be sewn on the front of the navy blue beret worn by older girls.
The ship in the middle of the trefoil is a traditional Kuwaiti pearling dhow (pronounced dow, like cow)
Light blue on navy, velcro backed, size = 2" tall (50 cm) x 2" wide (50 cm)

This patch is sewn on both sleeves of the uniform, at the shoulder.
Light blue on navy, velcro backed, size = 1" tall (25 cm)x 3" wide (75 cm)

I have not seen this on an actual uniform yet, but have been told that it goes on the breast pocket of an older girl's uniform.
Vinyl with 2 small snaps hand sewn on the back, size = 2 1/2" (65 cm)tall x 1 3/4" (45 cm)wide

The Kuwait flag is worn above the right pocket of the uniform blouse. This is embroidered everywhere except the white part of the flag.
Velcro backed, size = 1 1/2" tall (37 cm) x 2 1/2" (65 cm) wide

Kuwait Girl Guides Association Pins:

The Girl Guide pin is worn on the necktie of the uniform. The pin seems to be brass and enamel.
Like the beret patch, there is a traditional Kuwaiti pearling dhow in the center of the trefoil.
The scan of the pin makes it look somewhat mottled in appearance. In reality, the brass, blue and cream are all quite even and the pin looks pretty nice.
The pin has a catch on the back, not safety-type catch, size = 1 1/4" tall (35 cm) x 1" wide (25 cm)

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